Theresa E Wells is a communicator both by profession and nature.

Employed in the field of communications and media relations, Theresa has built a strong reputation as a freelance writer, starting with her community advocacy blog McMurray Musings.

The McMurray Musings blog, dedicated to sharing Theresa’s story of her life in the northern community of Fort McMurray, Alberta, attracted a wide audience of local, national and even international readers.

Theresa’s freelance career blossomed as a result of her work on the McMurray Musings blog, which was never monetized but paid significant non-monetary rewards in the connections she made and the stories she was able to share.

Through her freelance work Theresa has been able to connect with an even broader audience, balancing her professional communications role with her more personal and intimate freelance writing style.

Theresa continues to live, work and play in Fort McMurray, and is developing a book on her experience of long term residency in the community at the epicentre of one of the world’s most controversial industries: the Athabasca oil sands.

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